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We are an agency made up of people: people who live in our communities, people who ask us to work with them, people who want to make positive differences in other’s lives, people who want to sew a new & improved social fabric.

We are only as strong as the people that make us up. With that said, we can always use your help to make PEOPLe, Inc. even better.

You can help us today by donating to our cause, even if it’s your time.

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We use Square as our donation platform. When you click the button below, you will be redirected to our online store, where you continue the process of donating to our mission. A small fee is taken out of your donation in order to continue our use of the platform. Anything you can offer is always appreciated.


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The Center will provide guests in distress with up to 23 consecutive hours of interactive care to assist them deescalating the severity of their crises.

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