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At PEOPLe, Inc. we reach out our hands to our peers, with mutuality, and say: You’re not alone. ‘Mutuality’ means that we’re in this together. That doesn’t mean we share the same experiences; each of us has our own unique stories to tell. What it does mean though is that we get it. We know what it’s like when the weight of our thoughts, our feelings, and perhaps our pasts become too heavy for the present, and life becomes more about survival. We get that. Mental health issues and trauma touch every single person, but some of us have been affected directly; we’ve lived it. And because of that, we stand together.

Recovery & Wellness as the Expectation

At PEOPLe, Inc. we don’t merely think that recovery from mental health issues and trauma is possible; for us, it’s real, and will happen for any person who’s committed to the process and has the right supports. As peers we’ve lived it ourselves. And because of that we set the bar high. Recovery is the expectation.

And we know that recovery is not a simple straight line from illness to wellness. It’s more circular than that, with overlaps and cycles and times that can seem like setbacks. Recovery can be complicated. Instead of looking at so-called ‘setbacks’ as failures, we take a larger view, recognizing that people learn from their lived experiences, the good and the bad. Meaningful personal growth comes from a lot of trial and error. But once we truly commit to recovery, forward motion is inevitable, no matter where the journey leads.

And true ‘recovery’ is not about the ‘absence of illness,’ but really about the ‘presence of wellness.’ Wellness involves the whole person, and includes all the integrated dimensions of our lives: Emotional | Financial | Social | Spiritual | Occupational | Physical | Intellectual | Environmental.


Hope is the defining and overarching emotion that drives recovery. It’s the spark that turns ‘no’ to ‘yes’ and ‘can’t’ to ‘will.’ At PEOPLe, Inc. we channel a vision of hope for everyone to grasp when they’re ready. Many of us have felt, at times, overwhelmed by feelings of futility or defeat. But along the way somebody projected to each of us that beautiful vision that a better tomorrow is possible. Once recovery is the expectation, hope follows, for we long to have not only what’s possible, but what we deserve.

Trauma-informed Care

The more we learn about mental & behavioral health, the more we understand the widespread impact & consequences of trauma in people’s lives. In fact we’re even beginning to learn that many mental health diagnoses, rather than being set ‘disorders,’ are really more ‘symptoms’ of unaddressed trauma. This makes sense considering that 70% of adults in the U.S. have experienced some type of traumatic event at least once in their lives, over 90% of public mental & behavioral health clients have experienced trauma, and trauma is a major risk factor for nearly all mental & behavioral health conditions (info: National Council for Behavioral Health). These numbers must give us pause.

Because of the universal reach of trauma and its lasting adverse effects, PEOPLe, Inc. aims to be an agency that is fully trauma-informed. This means that we approach people and build environments in ways that promote safety: emotionally, psychologically, and physically. PEOPLe, Inc. programs and facilities are safe spaces for all – including trauma survivors – to feel, to think, and to be.

If you’re interested in receiving information, assistance, or consulting from PEOPLe, Inc, contact our CEO, Steve Miccio.

Education & Choice

When it comes to using mental health services, working on our recovery, and searching for wellness, we have a lot of important decisions to make. We often hear intelligent questions like:

What kind of therapy would help me the most? What kind of plan should I put in place if I’m ever in crisis? What questions should I ask my doctor about my medications? What’s a useful treatment for trauma and PTSD? Is there a support group for what I’m going through? Are there useful resources that I’m not aware of? What are my rights as a hospital patient? Is yoga helpful? Are there alternatives to the emergency room? Are there some clubs I could join to meet new people? Can I get help entering or re-entering the workforce? How can I eat better?

At PEOPLe, Inc. our goal is be transparent educators for the people we serve, ensuring that they can arrive at the knowledge they seek, and put that knowledge into action by making empowered, self-determined choices. People need to be actively involved in and at the center of all their own decision-making processes. Yes we’re educators at PEOPLe, Inc; but more importantly, we’re facilitators, guiding people as they make their own choices about their lives.


We aim to demonstrate – unconditionally – that every person we serve has value and importance. That’s it.

Innovation & Alternatives

At PEOPLe, Inc. we’re always looking to build new systems that work for people. From creating the Rose House model of crisis respite & hospital diversion, to developing integrated trauma-informed crisis stabilization centers that keep people out of hospitals and jails, to developing a web application that guides people to and connects them with services that they understand and want, PEOPLe, Inc. is committed to changing the system for the better. We are constantly leveraging the vision, the ideas, and the hard work of consumers, survivors, patients, ex-patients, and really any person who shares in our vision of recovery & wellness.