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Imagine Dutchess

The Crisis Stabilization & Wellness Center is ultimately the fruit of Imagine Dutchess integration work that PEOPLe, Inc. has been proud to lead and be a unified part of in Dutchess County.

Imagine Dutchess is an initiative that began with a simple question: What if?

  • What if we created a local system of health, human, and social services that cannot fail?
  • What if people got access to services and supports on their own terms?
  • What if we treated every person that comes through our doors like they’re entering a 5-star hotel?
  • What if we broke down our silos and worked together whenever possible?
  • What if we measured success by a person’s whole quality of life?
  • What if we stopped a system that thrives on illness and make it thrive on wellness?
  • What if we repaired the social fabric of our communities?

Now we’re moving from ‘what if’ to ‘we are!’

Imagine Dutchess is about integration, which means care that is person-centered, timely, collaborative, outcomes-focused, and cost-effective. It’s also generally recognized as the only way to meet the Affordable Care Act’s Triple Aim:

  1. Improving service quality & customer satisfaction
  2. Improving the outcomes of services and care
  3. Creating better value in what we do

With all of this in mind, we’ve built a massive coalition of local health, human, and social service providers committed to promoting and implementing integration wherever and whenever possible.

So what does this mean? Well, it relates to the broader systems advocacy that we outlined above in our discussion of the Crisis Stabilization & Wellness Center. We’re pushing all participating agencies to align their operations to improve access to resources, provide world-class customer service, work collaboratively for the benefit of the people we serve, align outcomes based on improved quality of life, and generate value based on real results. Success will measured by a simple answer: Yes. The question? Is Dutchess County a great place to live?

Regional Initiatives

PEOPLe, Inc. is also proud to be a leading partner in the similar WELCOME Orange initiative in Orange County. And with talks of integration heating up in Ulster County — because of Crisis Center planning there — we can and will lead the region into creating better systems that work for people.

Imagine Wellness

Out of Imagine Dutchess work grew the idea for Imagine Wellness, an app for both web and mobile platforms designed to

  • Help individuals make informed choices about local care and resources
  • Create human-to-human connections between people in need and people who can help
  • Encourage team building by allowing users to create their own personal Wellness Teams that have permission to work together for their benefit.

PEOPLe, Inc. is presently working with a local design firm to build the software-as-a-service. Once completed, Dutchess County will become the pilot community for this exciting and unique new health app.